Second Honeymoons

Second Honeymoons

What’s you ideal second honeymoon? We’ve identified three main constituent parts for an ideal second honeymoon. The Location, the people and the time these all however vary and are very much dependant upon the couple you are, we’ve tried not to be prescriptive to any style of honeymoon on our site and try to offer a wide range of honeymoon offerings. Let us know your ideal second honeymoon and we’ll try and match the experience.

Now that you’re older and wiser hopefully you’re more in touch with what would be a great honeymoon that will truly reinvigorate you and your partner spurring you on to even greater things. One main themes we notice with second honeymoons is people’s desire to have more opulence and creature comforts (even when climbing Mount Kilimanjaro!)  We’ve tried to incorporate this with our recommended honeymoons.

What’s great about a second honeymoon;

1. You’ve known your partner long enough to be comfortable with them. Lots of people would hate that idea and will run screaming from the room preferring to keep a little mystery in the relationship after all it keeps the blood pumping! However having said that maybe your 1st Honeymoon was not as relaxed as you would have liked it as you were discovering each other for the first time.

2. Its a chance to rediscover each other. We all lead hectic lives and, at times, can take each other for granted.

3. You’ve got more money to spend on the Honeymoon, after all you’ve not just shelled out for your wedding.

4. You’re wiser.

Etiquette on 2nd Honeymoons

1. Don’t bring up old grumbles.
2. Accept their little habits as cute!
3. Accept they can be right occasionally
4. Ensure your expenditure on Honeymoon meets you ability to pay.

What’s your poison! Choose the style of honeymoon you might like

Sand and Sea – Med Holidays
City Lights – City Breaks
Safari Adventure – Out of Africa
Exotic East – Asis Pacific
Cool Caribbean –
Bet the House – Las Vegas
Pure Romance – Romantic destinations – Paris, Venice
Close to Home – Holidays in the UK
Canvas Culture – Tent Holidays
We want to be alone – remote locations
Out of the Ordinary – Unusual destinations
Busman’s Holiday
Vocation Vacation – Learn whilst relaxing, well sort of.
Half and Half – the greatest compromise!
Cruising for a bruising

Already booked your holiday and are looking for those finishing touches; we can offer chauffeur driven cars to or from you destinations, exotic car hire, specialist car hire, find the model of car you got married in. guides, translation services, dancing lessons, impress your partner with your moves, best restaurants at your destination,  honeymoon baggage, house sitter services, pet boarding kennels, garden services, weather conditions where you’re going. Itinerary planners, travel kits, destination guides.

Origins of the word Honeymoon

The word honeymoon stretches back into biblical times. Couples then were encouraged to drink mead every night for a complete moon cycle after getting married, the sweet part of mead being honey you can see how they got to the term honey moon and thus honeymoon.

The idea of this was the result of this honeymoon would appear some nine months down the line!

Indeed the Royal Chemistry Society were hoping to prove that mead helped the conception process: further details are here and here We’ve done extensive searches to see if the results were published and it appears not, nor if indeed the research was ever carried out.

*Mead is an alcoholic drink made by fermenting a mixture of honey and water.

Remember, everybody loves a lover. Tell everyone all along the way – your travel agent, airline personnel on board and on the ground, hotel front desks etc.  That you’re on your second honeymoon and keep on telling them as your trip progresses. You’ll be amazed at the number of smiles and perks that this can bring you.

Don’t leave anything to chance, plan plan, plan.

Be specific when booking your trip.

Understand your needs and interests.
Specify what size bed you want. King? Queen? (King’s biggest )
Book the airline seats, cruise ship cabins and/or type of room you want.
Understand how you will get to your destination from the airline or cruise terminal, book a limo!.
Specify the time of day you would like to leave or arrive

Get information on what there is to see and do at your destination before you go make a rough plan, don’t be prescriptive though.

Call the local Tourist Boards for brochures and information on the most romantic restaurants, the most exciting things to see and do, etc.

Use these to make a theoretical plan for one or two days.

A typical plan might include

•    Leisurely breakfast in bed
•    Morning tour to see Mayan pyramids
•    Picnic on the beach
•    Windsurfing lesson at the hotel
•    Late afternoon nap
•    Dinner at a restaurant that serves under the stars at the water’s edge

Check with friends, family and the internet about the most romantic restaurants, things to see and do.

Find out how far away your hotel is from downtown. Read about your destination in a guidebook. You’ll end up having a gorgeous sun rise breakfast at one of the island’s prettiest hotels, finding the perfect hideaway beach, starting off with just the right store on your shopping spree; dining in the most beautiful restaurants and dancing in a place with a knockout view!

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